Question : The police have asked me to come in by appointment for a voluntary interview under caution, should I go?

Answer: We would not recommend that you attend a police station for a voluntary interview under caution, if the police have grounds to arrest you it is unlikely that you would be asked to come in to be interviewed. If the police decide to then arrest you when there has been no change in the circumstances, you may have a civil claim against the police.

If you do decide to attend we would recommend that you attend with a solicitor (you do not have to pay for a solicitor under these circumstances as it is covered by legal aid, contact us for further information.)

If you decide not to attend, we can review your case and write to the police on your behalf if necessary which may prevent any further action being taken in the matter.

If the police wish to interview you about something it is likely that they will be looking for any additional evidence to assist them in prosecuting you, they will not be looking to help you or in trying to establish the truth of whatever may have happened.

Please use the contact form below to contact us in the first instance.


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