Professional Standards? Continuing failure to "Learn Lessons" regarding sexism and racism

For those who may not know the history, several years ago following complaints from Hampshire police whistleblowers, a focussed inspection was conducted by the HMIC of Professional Standards in the force.

The force was found to be racist and sexist however; the then Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan arrogantly attempted to defend the indefensible and despite 12 recommendations being made by the HMIC, these were essentially ignored.

Further inspections were subsequently carried out including an inspection of Professional Standards Departments of all police forces. Hampshire Constabulary was one of only two forces to receive a "Poor" grading.

The following article by John Twomey for the Express highlights that this force does not learn from its mistakes and fails to learn from previous employment tribunal cases.

The article is self explanatory but we will add our own observations after you have had an opportunity to read the article.

Our own views and observations

1. Installing covert recording devices in just one unit in Hampshire police resulted in 21 police officers and staff being investigated. Is this indicative of the culture throughout the force?

2. Why is this important? The conduct and views of some police officers which are inappropriate are an indication; of why some race and domestic abuse crimes may not be recorded correctly or dealt with by police officers

3. Why have the force conducted an operation for this concerning banter whilst ignoring serious criminal allegations against senior officers of which their is evidence without having to conduct an operation of this scale?

4. Only 8 officers appear to be going forward for a discipline hearing and the rest have received either "no further action" or "management advice". Supposedly a whistleblower raised concerns. Why weren't supervisors in this unit pulled in by senior management to nip this in the bid rather than a police operation being mounted at great expense lasting over 17 months and costing up to £1M.

4. Why are there no criminal charges following such an operation in the circumstances?

5. Could the same objective had been achieved by deploying a covert officer from another police force to gather the evidence at a fraction of the cost?

6. What has happened to the whistleblower?

We would be interested to hear what the outcome was in this case or receive any additional information in confidence.



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