Hampshire Constabulary refers its Force Solicitor to the IOPC having ignored police whistleblower.

An investigation into the Force Solicitor Mr. Roger Trencher has now been

referred into the Police Watchdog by Hampshire Constabulary. This comes after Hampshire's Chief Officer Ms. Olivia

Pinkney was ordered by the High Court to record and investigate the Force Solicitor for perverting the course of justice. The High Court action was brought by John Caine a New Milton resident who

in a statement said "It is extremely tiresome and worrisome that a police force is so reluctant and dismissive of the rules. Here Hampshire Police wasted thousands of pounds to try to prevent this matter coming to light despite substantive evidence of criminal wrong doing by a person abusing his position of trust. He should be removed from his post forthwith given the ramifications for the public due to the position he occupies"

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney had previously ignored concerns raised by police whistle blower "Good Cop Down" concerning the treatment of Mr Caine. The details are contained within a blog over a year ago which if acted upon would have saved the force considerable funds. Further details of Mr Trencher's conduct are contained within the blog entitled "continuing conduct and intimidation utilising force solicitors" and can be found at the following link https://www.goodcopdown.com/post/update-continuing-conduct-and-intimidation-utilising-force-solicitors

We are aware that Mr Caine is considering the option of making a formal police complaint against Maurice Smart; a PSD investigator and the Head of PSD Nigel Lecointe who not only failed to refer the matter to the IOPC but attempted to deal with the matter by way of local resolution.

Had it not been for the tenacity of Mr Caine and his dealings with the the High Court and the IOPC directly; this could have been another serious matter swept under the carpet.

This is not the first complaint made against the Force Solicitor and we urge the Chief Constable to suspend Mr Trencher whilst investigations are conducted.

We will also arrange for further information to be supplied to the Chief Constable of similar matters concerning his conduct brought to our attention.

At this stage we have little confidence in Chief Constable Pinkney doing the right having failed to take action concerning an allegation of Misconduct in Public Office / Perverting the course of justice against her Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen.

Further updates to be provided .......


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