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Steven George blows the whistle on Hampshire police and politics in new book "Hidden Hancock Fi




Steven George’s previous book, “Heartless Too” under the pen-name “Janella” told the story of his involvement with institutionalised paedophilia in Portsmouth and with Savile

This book will also highlight the unhealthy and corrupt relationship between politicians and Hampshire Constabulary

At least three people have been put in prison on trumped up charges, in future posts we will highlight further examples of how the police are protecting particular politicians including this that have either been officers or closely connected with the police

In this book, for the first time the unredacted Report of Nigel Pascoe QC concerning sexual assault matters previously levelled at Mike Hancock MP will be put into the public domain.

The police had been helping Hancock get people like Jason Packer and Jezz Baker put in prison for opposing him on completely trumped up charges and revenge for highlighting sexual abuse matters.

The book shows how Jason was completely innocent and was set up. In simple terms Jason constructed his computer on 1 June 2013 and most of the images/films found on the computer were dated as downloaded by the computer in 2011 and 2012 before the computer even existed!

Furthermore films and images were of legal content and had not been opened at all after they were allegedly downloaded onto the computer. One of the films was a horror film available on Amazon!

This happened because one of the police officers turned on the computer two minutes after arriving at Jason’s home and worked unsupervised on the computer for about nine minutes.

This can all be shown by the computer’s own logs. The material was planted on the computer by the police and then backdated, but this was carefully covered up.

This is one of the more modern methods used to fit up members of the public and even police officers who dare to challenge corruption.

With the lack of legal aid and defendants being unable to afford to have exhibits including phones and computers forensically examined by experts, disclosure issues which have now been in the public domain for some time including the Liam Allen case; a conviction is probably inevitable.

If you have any information in relation to this or any other matters please contact the Hampshire police Monitoring Group on 07707 525870 or use the contact form at www.hampshire-police-monitoring-group.com

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