Hampshire Police ​​Told by Judge they Carried Out Unlawful Arrest on F4J Founder

Matt O’Connor won his Criminal Appeal Case Hearing yesterday, 7th December 2017, after a 3 year legal battle.

Judge Fraser at Guildford Crown Court, who did not even need to hear from defence witnesses, ruled that there was no case to answer over the alleged Section 5 Public Order Act 1986 offence.

The Judge also found that Matt’s arrest, carried out by Hampshire Police Constable Peter Robinson 3700 in September 2014, had been unlawful.

PC Robinson’s evidence did not match what was seen and heard on the video in Court. The other prosecution witness, Pamela Bailey from King’s Somborne, gave accurate evidence that rather supported the defence.

The defence also gave evidence that they believe showed an attempt by a Crown Prosecutor (CPS Wessex) at an earlier hearing to “coach” Pamela Bailey to give evidence favourable to the Prosecution.

PC Robinson is currently under investigation by Hampshire Professional Standards Department for assault given that his use of handcuffs during the incident on Stockbridge High Street on the 4th September 2014 did not comply with police guidelines. Further complaints against PC Robinson are now also being prepared following the evidence and outcome in Court yesterday.

Matt O’Connor’s arrest in September 2014 followed an incident earlier in February 2014 when Caroline Nokes MP brought a man to the O’Connors’ home, uninvited.

A physical attack on Matt O’Connor and his landlord took place but despite indubitable evidence and witnesses to the attack, which caused significant physical injury, Hampshire Police and CPS Wessex appear to have covered up the involvement of Caroline Nokes MP and they declined to prosecute the man over the attack.

Although the recording played in Court yesterday does have PC Robinson saying “She was arrested, so we didn’t do anything”, when cross-examined PC Robinson refused to identify “She” as Caroline Nokes and claimed he could not remember.

The only 2 people who came to the O’Connor’s house in relation to that incident, were Caroline Nokes MP and the man she collected from London in her car.

Legal proceedings are being prepared against Hampshire Police and CPS Wessex for unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution. A full update will follow.

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