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Arnewood School, Child Abuse Cover up in Hampshire

Click here to view guest Blog of Cathy Fox who provides an excellent and informative piece highlighting a Hampshire police and PSD cover up which resulted in an offendor being able to commit a number of further offences.

The report also highlights the tenacity of a New Milton resident who in a David and Goliath situation was able to push the police to take action against a school teacher which resulted in the offendor being prosecuted and sent to prison.

The network of abuse and corruption appears particularly strong in Hampshire.

This Blog covers Tyrone Mark a teacher at the Arnewood School in New Milton, Hampshire. In 2016 he was finally found guilty and sentenced for the worst possible category of child abuse images [10]

However below the surface of this story there is a web of delay, deceit and criminal cover up by the police, the school and the council – the very institutions supposed to protect children.

All of the 17 child sex offences that Mark was convicted for, could have been prevented if Hampshire Constabulary had done their job properly, or even at all, in the first place.

In another part of Hampshire a police whistleblower also raised concerns of a cover up and police corruption concerning paedophilia which will be the subject of a separate post.

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